A new cyborg was build

Hey guys,

finally i was transformed into a cyborg and am part of an amazing community now. =)
My first implant is a Walletmor at position R4. It was implantet ten days ago and i already paid with it yesterday but nobody mentioned it xD
The implantation itself worked very well. My RipperDoc used a blunt surgical scissor as an dermal elevator and for spreading the pocket. (video for educational purposes on request)
This was a very gentle method, there was almost no blood or bruises, with the result that even a simple band-aid would have been enough and she worked really elegantly around my veins.(i am more of the slim guy) At the end she closed the wound with a subcutaneous suture for less scars.
But to be true, i´m not sure if i will leave it at this position. Sometimes it feels a little bit uncomfortable and irritates under the skin. Maybe you can give me an advice. I will observe this in the near future and eventually change the position to the forearm.

Here is i picture one day after insertion. The hand was a little bit swollen.

Tomorrow i will pull my strings.

And future plans?
I will wait 1-2 month and if i am happy with the overall result, maybe the next one will be the Apex Flex.(hopefully with tokenized payment capability some day)

Greetings from Germany


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Yes Please

Just let it heal, your body will encapsulate and repair itself around it and you should barely know it is there…if at all

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I’m from Germany as well, and I’m always interested in good ripperdocs :wink:
Mind to tell who did the work on you? I’m seriously impressed by that suture :smile:

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Hey congratz, welcome!

I hereby request it for everyone else.

Yeah just give it some time it will fade until you forget it’s there.

Also from germany btw.

The suture is skillful, but the cut it closes is twice the size of mine. I’m not terribly impressed by that.

judging by the bones in the fingers, i think we are seeing a closer up picture than we’d expect - making the slice look bigger than it is…? nothing really for point of reference in that pic

as a fella… it’s all about angles!

please retake photo holding banana.


Personally I am just curious about the scarring on the opposite side. That looks like it has an interesting story behind it.

@anon3825968 and @LordSethos2000
as i mentioned before i am more of the skinny guy. Maybe the proportions are a little bit misleading.
The cut is exactly 10mm wide, i will add a new picture with a comparison later. Maybe its easier for entering with the scissor?

I had a very complicated broken hand in the past. The scar is much larger than shown in the picture. I had to wear a plaster cast for over four month. Two month on the complete arm and two more month on the forearm. :sob:

@Pilgrimsmaster @yeka
I dont want to share the video with the whole world thats the reason why its not on YT. I will send you a message for a download.
Everybody with interest: write a pm

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Yeah, that’s kind of large.

Mine’s 7 mm. I know because the implant is 7 mm wide and my installer always cuts just wide enough and nothing more. But then he uses a thin Haworth dermal elevator that goes through even smaller holes. Sounds like yours uses something else.


Oh… Must’ve missed that. Well if the scissors are large enough, that figures.

Leads me to the question again - who did the job?
I thought most german bodymodders had the Haworth tools, they are pretty much the only tools specifically made for inserting implants (at least in the non-medical-pro-field :wink: )

Are you asking me? I thought I had told you before. Maybe I didn’t.

It’s Lassi at scar.fi. He knows his stuff.

Stupid question for those that have knowledge or experience on this…

how does skin really behave along a cut as a material?
Specifically does skin tear or continue to zipper apart along the cut of force is applied? Or would it just stretch along it’s length and refuse to tear

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Ah sorry, that was misleading… I asked @MoeJoe , since he got his job done in Germany, so I’m especially curious :wink:
You got all “serious” things done by Lassi, I know - I visited his page when you told about him first, and his work looks pretty impressive :+1:

the implantation was done by Andrea from http://www.deepmetal.de/ in Dortmund. The webside and shop looks very oldschool 90th :upside_down_face: but they seem to have experience. I am satisfied and would go to her again.

I dont know Lassi, i just searched for a good ripperdoc not too far away from me and found deepmetal.

I sent the video to coma pilgrim rosco and yeka (attention 1,5Gig)

Ah yeah, I vaguely know her (was in her studio over a decade ago to get some custom fangs made). They definitely have some experience there, with more unusual mods as well, and if you’re satisfied, she made a good job :wink:
Dunno where you’re from, but since Cologne isn’t that far from Dortmund, you might want to take a look at Stigmata Inc. as well - Arnulf did all of my funny mods (silicone implant, flex implant, scarification) and is a pretty cool guy :smile: And I love to do some advertising for him from time to time :unicorn_love:

He’s a great guy seemingly (didn’t meet him in person, but I trust Rosco on people :wink: ), but he’s up in Finland - so totally out of reach, at least for me^^

Thanks a lot! Gonna take a look at it :wink:

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I am from Aachen. I also found Ganesha Bodymodification (Martin Kraus) in Cologne, but only after making an appointment with Andrea. So i drove to her, even if it was further away and i didnt regret it.

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Oh they’re good from what I know. I almost travelled there if I hadn’t found someone here. The drive was worth it