A small question about the resistance of implants

I have always practiced quite violent sports, martial arts, Chinese boxing, etc …
I want to put myself in American football.

I know your implants are strong, I’m equipped with a Vivokey chip in the left hand, a xG-3 magnet on the top of the left arm, and a temperature sensing chip in the torso under the arm left near the armpit.

Knowing that it is a violent sport where shocks are quite significant, is there a high risk that the implants are damaged?
I think especially xG-3 because it is I think more fragile.

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Shouldn’t be too much of an issue as long as the glass capsules aren’t going to get continually smacked around next to bone. As long as you’ve had them for a month or two you should be good, by that time your body will have built up collagen around it to lock it in place.

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