About custom orders

If I wanted a xSiid with a purple led would that be possible?

Probably not, unless they made a whole run of them

Those aren’t made in house

sitting here thinking about amal pain stakingly putting every implant together by hand


A wider range of colors would be cool though… It might complicate the logistics a bit but now that the assembly is streamlined I feel like including more is just a matter of sourcing reliable leds.

Also, just a thought: since the red green and blue components of an rgb led have different current thresholds wouldn’t it change color slightly based on how well coupled the tag is with no circuitry whatsoever? I’ve never tried it

My understanding is, VOLTAGE is what effects color,

I belief current is all that changes based on how well it couples

I think the I2c only puts out spare power after the chip functions also

@satur9 is definitely the person to ask… that would be pretty cool

Yeah you’re right actually… That would have been too good to be true :smiling_face_with_tear:

Not sure about that, it definitely turns on without being read and with varying intensity. Depends on what you mean by functions I guess

The NTAG I2C Plus chip will output power from it’s energy harvesting pins at all cost, ignoring the NFC communication completely. If you put a red LED across it without any current limiting resistor, because the output voltage is 3.1V it will overdrive the LED to such a degree that the chip will brown out.

I have tried some purple LEDs. I had them working on the early versions of the Apex Mega spectrum, but we abandoned that in favor of the auto cycling RGB LED. We made samples of purple xLEDs, but their performance was very poor, and will likely be absorbed very effectively by the skin, so we abandoned it in favor of other priorities. Some high brightness purple LEDs can reach 7V forward voltage, but even the 3.5V ones only light very dimly from an NTI2C+ because it can only harvest up to 3.1V and that is very much on the lower end of their output

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