About the "Things I want to save" category

I used to post information and content that I wanted to save from “the internet” on my blog… but that’s become unmanageable and was not well suited for such a thing anyway… so I’ve created a category here for random crap I want to remember but don’t want to have to trust it won’t disappear from the Internet forever when I really need it… maybe others want to do the same? The topics are not really meant to be commented on, but could open up discussion regardless.


Things you don’t want to lose should be copied / mirrored on your own hard drives or servers - and those need backing up, with redundancy. Then you can share it however and wherever you like on the internet. If it disappears, you have a local copy. Duh…

Has the concept of local storage really disappeared? :slight_smile:

A backup isn’t a backup unless you have a backup of your backup. :smiley: