AC reader quirk

Okay so, my NExT implant has healed quite nicely, and I can read it properly, so I’ve been exploring my surroundings. At my workplace we have at least 3-4 types of readers, and I found one that kinda peaked my interest. It’s not a high tech reader, it’s a Roger SDC-66 and the funky thing about it, is that neither my field detector card, nor my lf/hf keyfob thingies pick it up, even though it reads my implant fine (I don’t have the proper credentials for this one, so it does not open, but I get a reaction from it). I’m pretty new to AC systems and trying to learn, so what bugs me is that this one should be 125 kHz according to the sellers site, and to my knowledge the field detectors should pick it up. Anybody has any idea why this might be? Am I not doing something correctly ?

Pic of the reader in question:

You are correct, but there are exceptions to the rule some times.

It could simply be on a low power and infrequent duty cycle.
Something for you to try.

  • Do you have another EM41XX access card? if so, place your Diagnostic card on top.
    Then put it on the reader, and see if that lights it up.
    You might be able to achieve this with your NExT. (The reason it reacted to your NExT, is by default they are in EM mode)

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Ahh okay, I’ll try next time when I run by that reader. And I’ll see what happens! Thanks

Okay, so on my way out I checked it, kind of, I didn’t have another EM41XX AC with me but tested with my NExT after cloning my INDALA card onto it, and didn’t light up this time, so I’m pretty sure you have the right answer.

Through the weekend I’ll try to reconfigure one of my T5577 test cards to act as EM41XX just like the out of the box NExT and check with that, just out of curiosity.

Any chance you could give me some hints on where to look into access control systems in general. I would really like to get into this in depth,because AC systems are kind of a new thing for me knowledge wise and I find it an interesting topic.

I think a good place to start would be ax xEM Access Controller

Thanks! Already planning on buying one, also trying to gather up some stuff to read.

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