Access Control Lower Voltage

Does anyone know of any “Lower Priced” products that you can get off like amazon or something that will work with the next / xEM The access controller from DT is basically what i am looking for but i am looking for something that is lower voltage maybe somewhere around 3v 2 AA or is the power that would be powering this be to low to read the chips?

Search amazon for rfid cabinet lock
I have one like this (I say like because I can’t find the listing I actually bought)

It will work with an xEM, but it will not work for what it was designed for as mounting it on the other side of a wood drawer puts it too far away. But it runs off 2 AA batteries and could certainly be hacked for a different purpose.

I purchaced this one

but it does not read my xEM in my next uninstalled, The detector card does not light up at all but the fobs and cards work interchangeable,

The one you advised works with the xEM and the detector lights up?

If so then that will be the route i take :smiley:

I am not to worried about the read range as i would be moving the antenna external as my application is metal.

What is uninstalled? The xEM or the lock?

It does not light up the xFD or the diag card. I get about 1/4" of read range at the end opposite and on the other side of the batteries.

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The lock :smiley:

I took it apart and played with it some more and finally got it to read i believe my implant is in a bit deeper layer wise so i had to take the antenna and put it right next to it. I did notice that if i gave it some more power it read a bit better. Thank you for all your help and your video it helped alot. Looks like this can help with some of my other projects.

I did also notice that the Access Controller from the DT store will operate under voltage i tried with 6 volts and it still read and output 6v on the white wire, Do you know if it will damage the unit if it is ran under voltage? This would be powered with 4 AA.

I doubt you’ll damage it, through I wouldn’t expect the batteries to last more than a day or 2, if that.

The stated operating range is 9V to 15V DC

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I will update after a bit to see how well its working. :smiley: What i did was take a harbor freight mini safe put the access controller inside with a 5v relay and i have the access controller interface with the lock and unlock with the rfid read. So far its working good and if the battery drains to fast i left in the ability to inject a 9v battery for the rfid reader. If all is good i will update on a projects thread with some screen shots.

Thank you all for your help. :smiley:


Cool, sounds like a good project.
I look forward to seeing it on here

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Pictures? I’d like to see that if you can.

Yep will do just making some mods and trying to calculate the battery usage or to see if i should just add a power button right next to the reader. The original way i set it up the batteries only lasted a few days. I tried being lazy and connecting the xAC to the safe’s battery.
Connecting to an external battery and testing again.

Just a thought, to conserve battery should i just add a power button that activates the reader when i want to scan it? i am thinking that would be the best way to preserve battery when i am not using it. The button would be right next to the reader so that when you go to place your implant to scan the button would be right there.

It depends on how often you will access it, having a switch or hold button could be a good solution. Other people have suggested before using low power motion sensors to turn the reader on. You could also build a circuit to power the reader for a short time when any button on the existing keypad is pressed if you want a stealth option.

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No, I haven’t been thinking of doing this myself, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


I have decided to use a press button i will have to upload screen shots but the button is a finger distance away from the reader so you can press the button with your finger and as soon as you press it the reader activates and reads. I think that should be good at battery conservation :smiley:

Right after i get all this back together and makes sure everything is good i will upload pictures.

Forewarning it looks jank but so far it works


Looks are secondary, As long as it works, That’s what I tell my Mrs anyway…

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