Access Control Projects

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a project that provides access control to different components. Thus far I have created access control my media rack using some components from GeoVision ( and products from SouthCo (

I’m currently constructing a house and will be looking at integrating these technologies throughout the house. Using the GeoVision Camera Access Control ( for the front door, and electronic strikers from Lockwood (

This is going to be an ongoing project that will also incorporate home automation, and a few other security technologies :slight_smile: I’m more than happy to discuss the project and if anyone has ideas I’m definitely open to suggestions.



Ok, this is up my alley. Have been getting more and more into automation and transhumanism and would like to start getting into a “proof of concept” shop where things like can be tested. Would love to discuss ideas. So far I have considered buying land and just building a large warehouse building in which to start setting up various automation projects, such as vertical/aquaponic gardens, access control, autonomous vehicles, etc. Other ideas have been around turning warehouse space into a community-focused “maker shop” style hackerspace where people could come share ideas and work on projects together but they don’t have anywhere else to work on it, or need access to special tools like 3D printers, etc.
What kind of house are you constructing and what would you recommend?

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That sounds awesome :slight_smile:

The house is just a single story house. 3 bedrooms, two living areas. Fairly standard :slight_smile:
My plan is to have two to three seperate racks. 1 - media rack, 2 - main server and core networking rack, 3 - security rack .

I’ll be using some of the controllers from GeoVision which will control the door strikers/locks and the RFID readers. These will all connect over network. They will be hard wired using CAT 5E or 6 (not that they need gigabit speeds just what I have lying around currently) and connected to a switch in the security rack. This rack will be on a seperate network to the rest of the house, but can be accessed via one of my servers. I definitely want to use something like the GeoVision GV-CS1320 for front/main door access (, and the GeoVision ( for garage access. This is all definitely still a work in progress and will adapt through out the build. I’ll be using a mixture of brands depending upon which one suites my budget and purpose the best. GeoVision so far have been great for what I am doing :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested to see how your project comes along, and would love to stay in the loop as it progresses :slight_smile:




Nice! I think the access control stuff will be a lot of fun to have working at home, so hopefully that works out well for you. I will surely be trying to do live-streaming and virtual hangouts once I get started. I want community involvement to be as easy as possible.
How far along in the construction phase are you now?



Hi everyone! I got the job now of providing an estimate for a new key card system for 2 social clubs that I both belong to now. I just got done looking at the job for 1 of them today. I’m already planning on going with the same kind of system that I have at home as well. I’ll definitely get pictures and post some details if they decide to go with it and give me the job. The cool thing is, hehe, I will definitely be enrolling my implant in both systems if they decide to go with it! :slight_smile: I’ll be the only member that they will not have to issue a new fob to, hehe. I am kinda excited about the prospect of hopefully being able to do that in the near future. (Hehe, when you can’t copy multiple fobs into your implant or change the current enrollment, sell them a system that is compatible with your implant, heheeehehehehee) :laughing:


So, what are you looking at?

Readers? Controller? Do the readers have tamper proof switches? Will you connect them?

It’s not being used so much as the real security for the building, more just so only paying members can come in when they are open. They both have standalone 125kHz HID compatible readers now. They’re kind of a pain for someone that isn’t tech savvy to program and stuff, so they’re interested in something easier. I think doing a 125kHz EM 4100 compatible system with a controller, dummy reader, and the corresponding computer software for programming will suffice their needs and make it easier to manage. I can easily train them on how to manage the access control list in the software. The what’s in it for me besides making a profit on the job is I can add my NExT implant in lieu of having a fob since I already use the LF side of my NExT in the EM mode. :slight_smile:

If they already have HID cards wouldn’t it be a better value proposition to them to be able to use their existing cards?

Have you checked if they are T5577 based? If so you could convert them over.

I doubt that they are T5577 cards, but I will check. That’s a really good idea if they are though… :wink:

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This might be my favorite DT meme I’ve ever made (spent way too much time on it…)


If they are not t5577 then, how impactful would it be to put in an hid compatible reader and controller? I realise it wouldn’t allow for your next, but it would allow them to keep using existing cards.

Just asking the sort of questions they might ask…

Can we reuse our current cards? If you can say “I looked into it and…” at least it will make you look even better prepared. Even if the answer is “No, I checked and a compatible system would increase the price by $1,000,000”

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Hehe, good point, I’m going to check up on the cards and see hopefully over this weekend or I should say “SOON™”! :laughing: I could always squeeze another chip in my hand if need be. :thinking::wink:


I’m happy to say tonight that officially after several months, both access control systems I previously mentioned are sold and I am starting work on one of them next Friday providing no unforeseen delays in the delivery of the equipment. They will have a nicer easier to manage system, and I will have “hand” access to 2 social clubs I belong to. Plus the part of the profit from that will go to my future Apex installation/upgrade which will hopefully be combined with another little weekend getaway with my 2600 friends. :slight_smile: