Access controller has continuity against NO, COM, and NC

So when I power the access controller I have the normal continuity between the pins, but as soon as I use it the relay seems to get stuck and the relay connects normally open, normally closed, and common. I get continuity between all three pins. anyone have any ideas? Is the relay defective or an I doing something wrong?

Try setting up an LED light with the relay on both a NO and NC circuit and see how it functions when you scan a tag. It will help with troubleshooting instead of using the continuity function on a multimeter. I find the multi meter is great for circuits you have board views for and can understand where all the traces are going, but when you’re blind it’s really hard to truly understand what’s happening with the circuitry with just continuity.

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Some meters are slow so this is worth talking into account.

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What do you mean?

On some multimeters, the continuity beep is controlled by the microcontroller that runs everything and therefore it’s limited by the speed of the ADC.

In other words, some of those things take a while to beep when in continuity mode. I have an old Extech that takes a second or so…


What are your jumpers set to?

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Ok I fixed it but I’m gonna be entirely honest I don’t know what I did.

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Oh well, BUT working is working :+1: