Access Controller - making more keys?

I installed an Access Controller to open my car trunk, and since it only came with two keyfobs I wanted to make a couple more. Ideally I would love to put one into a small sticker-type tag and install it in one of my driving gloves :slight_smile:

Can I program a T5577 tag to act like something the AC can read? I cannot seem to read the current keyfobs with the proxmark at all, it cannot detect them in any orientation. I can’t find any EM4102 tags that are smaller than a standard keyfob.

EM4100 and EM4200 tags will work, you should be able to pick them up if not any t5577 tag will work to.

You will struggle to get much smaller than the fobs off the shelf due to them being LF tags.

But if you open one of the fobs you can usually take the inards out and there significantly thinner.


Also, your xAC can learn EM4100 tags without needing to do proxmark magic. The black disk in the metal tin is your programming fob that can be used to add more tags.

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I may have a few solutions for you.
I am pretty much going to send you to the asian shopping sites ( Aliexpress, Wish, DH Gate, banggood etc. ) you will just have to filter out the other frequencies and protocols/modes
So a sticker??
Just search for exactly that
EM4100 sticker
But that might not be very robust for your gloves, but they do exist.
If you search for laundry tag, they are made for garments,probably a better choice

Something smaller than the fob that I would recommend is a wrist band, and cut the inner chip out, I have done the same, plastic casing, resin filled., Let me find a photo…

You could also go for glass pet tags, normally 134khz, but they do sell them in 125 and EMxxxx

You could buy 125khz Rings also,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Also, they do pet tags… think bird leg tags, they will be worth a look,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Of course not smaller, but would fit in a wallet easily is a card form factor…

Hope one of those suggestions help

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here are the photos as promised

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ahhh… Faread… I have a similar chip in my hand (a foolish decision… don’t be like me! Go with the DT stuff… I wish I did)

Sparkfun has some too. They’re higher priced but if you only wanted one or you want it earlier than a China delivery it might do the trick.

Edit: don’t try to implant this. I have thought about sewing it into some motorcycle gloves

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Just to be clear, I was suggesting that to implant in @BeamMeUpSnotty driving gloves…Definitely NOT to implant

@fraggersparks I’m not going to call you a fool but…
giphy (14)


This was pre-VivoKey days… I was also younger and more risk-taking… it’s going to be a pain to remove… both figuratively and literally, it has anti-migration coating.

All to save a couple of bucks. I’m far more educated in the crap glass and contaminants in these things now after discussions with Amal. It’s really not worth it.

(I know you did not suggest it for implantation hahah don’t worry).


Ahhh you guys this is perfect thank you! And yes, only going to implement it in dead skin (aka leather) :grin: so a glass capsule or a fabric tag is a great idea, thank you! Or that wrist band seems pretty easy also. I’ll just teach it some new tags with the magic black disk.

Still seems weird I couldn’t read these with the proxmark. I was able to program my NExT with the proxmark but can’t seem to read/write 125kHz with it. But that’s for another thread.

Thank you!