Access controller

Hi everyone!
I’d like to have a door at work which we currently access in about 10 people to be openable with NFC phones / implant.
Do you guys know anything similar to the xem access controller but with nfc frequencies?
Thank you 8)

Unfortunately there is not really a direct HF version of the xAC, but (Whoopsies, yes there kind of is now! As shown in the next post in this thread)

there are of course many available access control options, this is might be a good place to start and see a few examples:

I was looking for something like this and picked up the 13.56Mhz version of this product.

Working perfectly with my NExT and xSIID for about 2 years now. I can’t speak on the security of the device or how many digits of the UID it actually checks but it works and is enough for my purposes.

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The bummer about those is that they only check the first couple bytes of the UID. I think it’s literally like 20 bits… so 2 bytes and the first few bits of the 3rd byte.

Because the thing only checks the first bits and not the last bits, it means chips that came off the same wafer which have sequential UID values will all authenticate with these systems. The xac has its own issues with zeroed IDs but you won’t naturally find chips in the wild with that configuration. You will find thousands and thousands of chips with the same leading few bytes. In fact, pretty sure any NExT will auth on your reader now because we got a partial wafer to make our NExT and they pretty much all share the first leading bytes.

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Yeah while not ideal, if I am being honest it is enough for me. Someone is way more likely to break my car window to gain access than knowing that I have an NFC reader, where it is, and having a NExT or a brute force tool. :man_shrugging:

My next vehicle I will implement a more secure solution. Maybe Chimpos DIY access control thingy.



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Cool, thank you! Ordering one.
I suppose I need to also buy or 3d print a case 8)

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IIRC I just did a liberal application of electrical tape lol. Maybe not the best way to go.

It lives in the top of the inside of my drivers door card where water shouldn’t get to, but I bet it deals with moisture to some extent.

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