Ace ideas for the KBR1

I was thinking about how the KBR1 returns the UID for computer logins.
But what if you can’t use your KBR1 for some reason and have to recall a long series of two character bytes?
I thought it would be cool to use a chip with a changeable UID and create passwords with the 6 hex letters, plus 0 for O, 1 for I and 5 for S. Then I used an anagram solver to create 8, 14 and 20 character passwords for the 4, 7 and 10 byte UIDs. I stored the results in a database.
Here are three records from that database:


Not sure if you’ve come across this but might be a helpful resource for what you’re trying to achieve.


This is an old project might be worth looking at:


@Zwack still pops in from time to time and would be invaluable getting this up and running again


I have one of them (I need to get it back out) and made some cases for them.
If we’re reviving that project, I’ll post what I have :+1:


Indeed, particularly when called.

What I had would output the UID, a preset password for the UID (stored on the reader), or a password stored on the card that was “encrypted” with the UID. Not strong encryption by any means but it made the stored password less obvious when the card was read.

I should dust off the code. It looks like my office is finally going to exist, so I will have a bit more room to work on these things than I currently do.

I really should start frequenting this forum more. Especially now that I have two RFID cards for work (one secure one for work and one much less secure for our secondary data center).


Indeed you should

Ohhhh, Is it finally Stabby stab time???



The problem with that is that my work data center is 50 miles away and I have been onsite 3 times so far. In the data center, never.

The secondary data center is twice as far away, and I have been there once to get my pass.

Maybe one day I will go back.