ACH and Wire transfer instructions for Dangerous Things

Since we no longer accept PayPal, certain customers who don’t have access to or wish to use a credit card or cryptocurrency for payment might want to use ACH or wire transfers to pay for their order. If you would like to use ACH or send us a wire, please follow these instructions to do so.

1) Place your order normally, but during checkout select “Alternative Payment Method”


2) Before submitting your order, indicate your intent to pay via wire transfer in the Order Notes section of the checkout page. Submit your order with the proper note, and you will receive an order confirmation email.


3) Send your transfer according to the information below.

Domestic ACH transfers from US banks

Send your ACH transfer to;

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
4279 Guide Meridian
Bellingham, WA 98226
*Routing number: 325070760  
Account number: 519372507

*This routing number can only be used for direct deposits and ACH transactions.

International Wire Transfers

Send international payments in US DOLLARS to;

New York Plaza
Floor 15
New York, NY
United States 
Swift Code: CHASUS33
Accounting Number: 519372507


All wired funds must be sent in US DOLLARS, not Euros or any other foreign currency. That means you will need to instruct your bank to perform the foreign currency exchange into US DOLLARS before sending to our bank.

4) Reply to your order confirmation email with a confirmation that you’ve sent payment via ACH or wire transfer. We will confirm receipt with our bank and process your order.