Acr122u can't read sri512 (iso14443 type b)

I saw that acr122u can read iso 14443 type b

But when i put sri512 on the reader the led stay red ,

I use on win7 64 bit

Why is that? and witch reader from this list can read iso14443 type a+b?

This may have to do with lack of drivers and/or software. Have you installed the drivers for Win7 64?

Just a quick note… the ACR128U seems to support the SRI512… it’s mentioned as a supported tag in the PDF linked below. I’m not sure about the ACR122U though. I have both of these readers and I can say they are fairly different when it comes to tag support and even how they respond to the same tags when used with PC/SC software packages.

TSP_ACR128U_v3.00.pdf (497.0 KB)