ACR122u compatible with Apex Flex (at lest for fido authentichation)

I purchased an acr122u on amazon probably they are discounted things but:

It is compatible with VivoKey Apex Flex and Fido protocol (u2F)

Other tests I did:

  • not compatible with bluestack emulator in the sense that there is no way to make the external adapter detect the emulator.

-not compatible with acr122u on usb-C, if I connect The adapter on normal USB it is detected but via usb-C it does not detect The Apex flex (don’t ask me why)

All tests were done on Windows 11.

More tests coming soon.

@amal if you tell me what test to do, I think you can add it to the Apex flex compatible devices sheet!

Sorry if this is probably trivial, but in the compatibility sheet I see the empty field



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Just be aware… the acr122u is end of life and discontinued from ACS… everything available now in eBay and Amazon are knockoffs. They don’t work as well as the originals.

The new thing from ACS is the acr1252u aver it’s black.

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