Acr122u Windows Software

Hi All

Sorry if this has been covered before but struggling to to find what I’m looking for.

I have recently purchased a Acr122u Reader. I am looking for software to install on my Windows PC to allow me to read and write text to an Apex Flex.

Any suggestions or help pointing me to a link would be greatly appreciated

Looked at the flex and i have no idea what any of that means, so im a bit over my head in that regard. The acr122u reads high frequency only as far as im aware, but i use mine with a tool called mifare windows tool. So far has done everything I need it to, except for reading lf. The apex flex page said something about java though, honestly I dont know if it will be compatible

Edit: just saw that dangerous things actually sells them, have you gotten the program they have in the zip file running?

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No I didn’t see the zip file.
I will have a look when I’m on my PC.
Any chance you can point me to where I find it ?

Found it while searching on my phone
Thanks Heaps

Here’s the webpage, with a bunch of links on it, for others that may come looking

NFC tags with FIDO cryptography should by default be able to unlock Windows but there’s some setup involved, you’ll need a Windows domain controller and a battery of settings to be able to authenticate with the tag. For a simpler solution, I use Rohos (, which is a pretty simple utility to enable you to unlock the computer with an NFC tag. Just select Mifare, enter your password, and scan the tag.
Unfortunately this won’t work for x-series transponders like the XSIID, because the ACR122U lacks power doesn’t read these from my experience. Good luck!

Hi there
Been playing around installing drivers and the reader program in the zip file.
The reader will beep then I place it over the Apex Flex but I can’t work out what program to use to read and write.
Can anyone point me in the right direction.

What specifically are you trying to R\W? The typical use case would involve installing the NDEF applet through Fidesmo on your android\iOS and then using Apex Manager to R\W the necessary text info.

Hi there,
I’m just trying to write NDEF (plain text) to my Apex Flex


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Just install the NDEF app on fidesmo. There are various sizes to choose from. Once installed, go back to Apex Manager and write the necessary info via Apex Manager on your phone.

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Was trying to avoid using my phone and have a dedicated computer that stays offline.
Looking to buy an Android phone as iPhone have some restrictions. Will use the Android phone just for this.

Specific needs like that may require custom software development.