Adapting the xEM v3 antenna

Hi! First post here, but I’ve been reading as much as possible in the forum since I ordered my NeXT. Should be delivered tomorrow if USPS and my apartment complex play nice. Brand new to biohacking, very familiar with automotive projects, and I have a long history of screwing around with things that shouldn’t generally be screwed with.

I’m going to install an xEM Access Controller to control the door locks on my truck, and I understand all the 12v side of things, but I have questions about the xEM antenna in particular.

Can I splice and extend the antenna lead without messing with the impedance? I want to mount the antenna in a difficult area, and it would be much better if I knew I could extend the reach.

Also, in order to have access on both sides of the truck, could I splice a second antenna into the one controller, or would it be best to buy a second controller and wire them both?

Thanks in advance for the help, and I’ll do my best to post a build thread when it all goes together!

eta: I’m really not sure is this is a project topic or a support question. Apologies if it’s in the wrong area.

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You can extend with like RG58 coax or you could try just speaker wire that is jacketed such that the wires stay parallel. What you don’t want to do is change the inductance that much, so keeping the wires parallel to each other or using coax can help this.

I’ve seen extensions up to 3 feet without issue. Longer than that things can get wonky.


I used a couple of these when I installed mine in the mirror of my Miata.

They worked great.


I’ll change it to Support

Ideally a Projects , somebody else should be able to follow through and build their own, or at the least, have a finished “product”

Keep asking here for help if you need it.

Feel free to post in the projects when you have finished it

Oh, and no need to apologise