Adding NFC to a car dock

I wanted to put an NFC sticker on a car dock so when I stick my phone there it knows it’s docked and can switch to the driving view. I got the dock and put the sticker on and the phone doesn’t read the tag. I peeled it off and it reads fine, put it back on and nothing. I started wondering if it was because of the magnets but I was able to read the tag in proximity to other magnets so I thought I’d post here looking for a better idea of what’s going on.

Here’s the dock with the tag on it.

Here’s what the magnets look like when I tore the dock apart.

The magnets are strong but not crazy strong. I can’t stick my xG3 v1 to it without any discomfort. I wondered if it had something to do with the alternating poles? I don’t know. Any advice or ideas of what to test would be appreciated.

Maybe try putting the tag off center? In my experience a lot of phones get the best read on the edges vs the center

That’s a good thought. I tried that too. I put the tag on the edge and tried moving and spinning it. I made sure it lined up with where I usually get the best read on my phone.

I have something similar, with 2 different docks / cradles
One was a gripper type dock, the other a magnetic type similar to yours.

Looking at your sticker, I am wondering if that is PART of the issue.
My Mag dock one works really well, But my sticker is much larger than yours, It reads at about 40-50mm so It reads before my phone is even on the dock, so no issues.

I would suggest that is you best / easiest fix.

Upsize your sticker to as big as will fit.

I needed mine to do that, because I mount my metal plate away from my NFC antenna, so the fact I can read the sticker before I place my phone, It works perfectly

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Give your smartphones model.

Pixel 6 Pro

Have a link? I’m looking for something around 2" (60mm) but can’t find anything. I see 1" (30mm) or a square that’s 3" x 5".

You will probably have to get an “on metal” tag for this to have any chance at working at all. They have a special backing made of ferrite polymer to shape the magnetic field of the reader to bend behind the transponder and not get absorbed by the metal behind.


Ooooh! I didn’t know those existed! I’ll order some! Thank you!

I knew you were going to ask, I actually don’t, well do, but discontinued, and they are not fancy dancy “on metal ones” like Amal suggested. :wink:
I will try and find them on another store, They were about 60mm

But here is a link for what you are looking for…
They might be too small, but cheap and worth a try.

I did a quick test for you,
I had a spare magnetic phone dock and a 30mm NTAG213 sticker, I tried to replicate your issue, and the magnet stopped the read.
I also tried with a 50mm iCode SLI ( ISO15693 ) square sticker , so not a direct size and tech comparison
BUT neither were ferrite backed

Your 2 choices look to be upsize sticker or ferrite backed sticker

I just tried one of the “Bullseye” NTAG stickers I got from DT a number of years ago

on a magnetic phone dock (Spigen)


I got consistent reads at ~20mm and if I approached just right, it was closer to ~30mm

The range not as good as my original one, But good enough to open Spotify as I dock my phone

Just thought you might want to know

Who knows :man_shrugging: maybe Amal still has some Bullseyes aannd if you ask really nicely, he may relist them on the webpage

For sure when You getting in the car your phone is connecting with bluethooth, and when you are using android so maybe better solution is try out Tasker, you can do almost everything with this app and android phone

for example:
make task when specific (car bt) connected → change to car mode