Adding records using NFCTools

I don’t know if I’m just being dense or what.

I used NFCTools to write 3 records when I first got the implant… I want to add one more. If I read the tag in, it shows me the three records, but when I go to the write screen, it does not show me anything. If I add a record, it overwrites all the existing records.

Am I being dumb or is there no way to copy the existing records to the write screen so I don’t have to start from scratch each time?

What platform are you doing this in?
Are you using a desktop or mobile device?
Are you using terminal or app?
If you’re using the app which one?
Do you have enough free space to write a 4th record?

I’ve not used NFC Tools much… hardly at all in fact… however I think the answer might be that every time you write to an NFC tag it overwrites all data on it… so in order to “add a record” you must first read all records in, then update your data set, then write the updated data set to the tag… so the addition or editing of the data is done in NFC Tools, and you’re not asking NFC Tools to read the tag, insert a new record, then update the tag… it’s a bit more clunky than that… at least with every other NFC app I’ve seen out there.

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I downloaded NXP TagWriter but I couldn’t add an arbitrary V Card like NFCTools can. It required you pick an existing contact. I don’t need myself in my contacts… lol. I guess I could make a specific contact with the data I want to share…

hah yeah, it’s kinda lame that “feature”

Nfc tools is shit but the best I’ve found for mobile programming. First off, protect your tag.(With the dangerous things app) Then get Nfc tools pro. You can save profiles there. Also get the app MIFARE++ Ultralight. It lets you read the raw hex code. It also lets you backup and save what is on your tag so you can have profiles there similar to nfc tools pro. Now to address your issue and explain the shittiness of nfc tools, they write over old records, but don’t clear anything so if I make a nfc tag that is super long but then make a new short command, then everything behind it will be left which will lead to problems down the road. So no you’re not being dumb, its just Nfc tools is a weird program. I also recommend getting NXP taginfo as it has some great read tools. If you need anymore help feel free to ask!

is this still a thing?? should I protect my tag with the dangerous things app?

Assuming you have a NExT: they’re already pre-protected. You shouldn’t have to do anything else. There used to be more info on the product page, but it seems that someone is shuffling things around on there right now

Thank you, found a link on the interwebs and was confused

I believe if you want to add one, you will have to write all of them at once.
It does have a copy from tag option though, so you can scan it, add your new record, and then write the whole stack at once

Edit: Whoops, looks like that’s already been said a few times, I need to read little more closely

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