Advanced(?) low frequency tag detection with proxmark3

I’m trying to clone my office tag so that I could use it in other RFID compatible devices (ring, other cards, etc?)

I’m using proxmark3 RDV4 for that, and lf search finds nothing. the high frequency antenna detects no noise when I put the chip on the antenna, but the low frequency one does, so I assume it is a low freq one.

I’m attaching a picture of the tag, and also a dump from the antenna. Based on the patterns it seems to be an FSK tag, but I’m not really experienced enough to know.

I would appreciate help with analyzing this, or even resources that could further help me understand would be great (just not the usual “have you tried 101 youtube videos?” because I already did).

Thanks a lot, (2.9 MB)

LF 125kHz

LF is always good news for us when it comes to cloning, so chances are good you can achieve what you are trying to.

I don’t have my pm3 with me at the moment to open your files, but if you could publish them here, that would be handy.

Here it is as a wav file (not sure if that’s what you wanted, I’m still kinda new to this) (12.0 KB)

The zip contains a textual representation of the dump, so I guess pm3 isn’t necessary to open this?
If you meant something else with the dump, please let me know (even if you have your pm3 access later on, I’d appreciate it if you tell me what exactly is the standard way to publish these so that I know for next times/personal use).