Advice on creating demo

I am based in the UK, and got an xNT chip injected into my hand by Amal when he spoke at my company (Leading Edge Forum’s) event a couple of years ago. I know nothing at all, and am really crap at this kind of thing. My job involves speaking on stage a lot, and I am desperate to create a demo that I can show people. I have been looking for an NFC lock or safe or something to buy cheaply to demo it. I am finding it hard to be sure which device to buy. Looked at Yale locks for example. Could you advise me on something I could buy, e.g. from that I could demo? I have the chip in my hand, and I have downloaded the NXP Tag reading/writing software.

Snag one of the Samsung door locks and get a locksmith to install it on a piece of MDF.

Buy a quick safe vent

Thank you, but it looks like this is for a different frequency/ product (xEM/RFID/125 Khz) not (xNT/NFC/13.56Mhz). Or am I wrong?

Oh yeah, my bad. I’ll look around for one that uses NFC.

Thanks. I am getting so confused. Trying to find something that works with 13.56 Mhz, can be bought easily in the UK, and is cheapish seems very challenging.

The world is a small place.
I would reccomend; jump on:-
DH Gate
etc. etc.
Just search for 13.56Mhz, there is a plethora of things to tinker with. Cheap and cheap/free postage

Thanks all. I managed to order an eGeeTouch NFC-enabled padlock. Can’t buy them in the UK in general for some reason, but found one on eBay. Thanks all for your advice.


I have the 3rd Generation:

It wouldn’t work with the xNT the reader is very weak. I tried it with:

Doesn’t work
xNT (from a friend)


Thanks Jenny, but sadly, the xNT is embedded in my hand, and I don’t fancy taking it out and replacing it at this stage!!!


So there are some of the Samsung locks that work with the xNT.

You can also get the USB reader we have on our store. we’ve used this to create a demo to log into your PC with. This can be achieved in a couple of ways for windows or Mac.

If not the KBR1 does the trick.