Advice regarding blood in pocket after flex install?

So wifey just had her flex installed (scalpel +dermal tool) and a vein popped during install.
Now, 30min later, the pocket is filled with blood.

What’s the best course of action? Just hold the hand high and let the body sort itself out?
Pop a small hole with a syringe to drain?

Will this be a possible problem for how the flex settles?


Im not a Doctor.

What i would do is remove the plaster because it will get wet under it and then it cant heal well.

the Patch is watertight so the blood is trapped under.

but again - i have no clue - maybe wait for some more replys.

I wish good healing!

That’s usually the worst (though most intuitive) idea. You can easily invite bacteria and all other stuff into the pocket that way, and since the pocket is closed (sooner or later), you might end up with an encapsulated infection… not good :wink:

Like Mrln said, removing the plaster might be a good idea - one question though, how is the wound closed? Sutures? If yes, taking off the plaster is an even better idea, because sutures often heal better in a dry environment.


I don’t think so. The flex might rotate a bit (annoying if you’ve got blinkies on it and placed them in a special way, but no real issue) or shift slightly inside the pocket, but that should be no problem.

It is just closed with a steri strip

Edit: not so worried about how the wound closes, more thinking about how the flex might move in there

Looks like we both edited the same time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, so… how big was the incision? I don’t know what kind of flexie is in there, so I’m rather guessing… but should be a small one, I guess :wink:
A steri strip behaves a lot better if it’s in a dry environment, so yeah… I would take that plaster off.
Oh, and just to add a little disclaimer - nope, no doctor, just talking out of personal experience :wink:


We did :smile:

It’s the flexM1, so the incision is approx 4mm I guess

In any case, it hasn’t swelled more so it seems to have settled :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a good sign, though it might start swelling in a few days as well… my implants looked worst on days 2-4 or so…^^
If it was my hand, I’d take the plaster off, put some sterile swab on the incision and put a (not too tight) bandage above. Okay, that’s influenced by the fact that my body just hates the glue of plasters, so I tend to avoid them anyways, but it will also create a slightly more “breating” cover that still keeps everyday dirt and stuff away from the incision itself. Again, just an idea - you might as well just keep an eye on it and just relax :smile:

Oh, and a big WELCOME to your wifey!



Just got off the phone with our installer.
She recommended to keep the plaster on it it hasn’t leaked through, as it is then sterile. (let the wound settle a bit)

If/when blood leaks through, take off the band aid and use a hair dryer to dry up the steri strip, as it does not like moist.

If needed, dry up and add new steristrip, but do not try to squeeze blood out from incision wound, as the body manages to get rid of the blood by itself.

So we’ll see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Hair dryer will act like a gun that shoots bacteria. be careful with that :smiley:


I agree. Terrible advice personally. I would let it air dry.

I agree with @Coma to put a light pressure bandage on it


I personally agree with that too, so we’ll air dry it later today and switch to a bandage :slightly_smiling_face:


The blood isn’t pooling inside the pocket but under the bandaid methinks. It happened to me once on a smaller scale (just because the bandaid was smaller :slight_smile:)

Not much to worry about I reckon.

EDIT: Ah there:

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The Salami Pic!

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Change the bandage to a clean one and if it’s clean leave it the hell alone.

While blood is not the prettiest thing if it’s not sitting on the wound and soaking it, it’ll be fine

I’m a little late to this party, but the general key is achieve homeostasis before putting a tegraderm on there. If it’s still bleeding even a little bit, hold it up apply light but steady pressure with sterile gauze and wait for the bleeding to stop. Then throw a fresh tegraderm on there and be on your way.