Age Requirement for Signature

Since I am on a college campus, I can’t ship packages that require a signature (NFC Implant kit) to myself. I will need to either send it to a post office and pick it up, or have it shipped to someone’s house. My question is, is the signature requirement 18 or 21? If it is 18, I will just ship it to a post office and pick it up myself. However, I have had some sketchy experiences when I was required to be 21 at the post office, since it is a little more dangerous to be using fake plastic at a government organization. If the signature requirement for an NFC implant kit is 21, I will find someone who is actually 21 to ship it to.


Nope no signature required.

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Oh, meaning I could potentially even ship it to my campus’s package depot?? What a world we live in!


USPS age requirement is 21.

But I don’t think DT ships with signature required