AliExpress RFID Handle

Hey all,

The search for a door lock is in full swing! I’m getting a NExT implanted in a couple of days, but trying to find a lock is a bit of a challenge.

I’m after a lever style ‘latch’ instead of a deadbolt, that fits in a standard size bore hole (not mortise style) with no additional holes required. I’m in a shared rental house, so need something i can just install with a screwdriver then revert when i move out.

Has anyone had any luck with these handles?

It’s always impossible to tell from a listing if the read performance is good enough for an implant.



Hi Mate, this one uses an M1 card which I believe is the mifare - so possibly incompatable with your next chip :frowning:

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You could look at locks from, I think they are too expensive but it seems* that (at least some) are working well with the NExT.

*seems = digiwell says that