All out of ideas for install placement of next 3 implants, ideas?

Do anyone have any good ideas for placement of my next implants? (xLED, xDF2, xSLX)

These will probably be my last implants I implant until something new and more advanced show up (like Vivokey Apex etc), but I don’t really have any ideas for placement so I thought I may ask here if you folk have any cool placement ideas?

The only bodypart I don’t already have a implant in is my feet.
I was thinking that I could combine the xLED with either the xDF2 or the xSLX to get visual signal when I get close of the implants, but where?
I’m quite comfortable to install them myself in any more or less sane place, as I have done 12 installs myself so far without any issue so far.

Nipple could be a fun place to blink.

Ah, yeah maybe, I do plan on to remove the nipples someday thou, but it will be some time till that.

Yeah, what a silly concept :slight_smile:

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So no problem with an ugly nipple scar?
I second the nipple blinky, but would rather see a xG3 there…

Well you do have 2 nipples…


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Actually, I think I’m going to wait with blinky in da nipplys til after nipple-removal, then when I don’t have any nipples anymore and “miss” them, I can just scan the blinkys and the screamin flashing ghosts of my previous nipples will reveal themself.