Alternate Temp Implant?

Can ya’ll tell I work overnights this weekend yet?

I found this,

Was wondering if I could read my temp with my phone if I had one. It said you don’t need a special reader, so it has me wondering. That is the only reason I haven’t bought the one from here yet, is that I don’t want a special device to take my temp.

Ehhh, I’m no expert… But I’d be on the more cautionary side, as reading through the page… It sorta explain’s that it’s designed for animals, and tracking of said animal’s body temperature and identification.

And the cheapest option is a box of 24, which costs $264.00 What are you going to do with those spare 23?!

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Unfortunately it’s a standard 134KHz animal microchip. So you need a LF reader. It’s essentially the same as the xBT.

The scanners aren’t proprietary is basically what I think there saying. The halo reader that’s often recommended on here likely reads it as they use the ISO 11784/11785 standard.


At least you have an excuse. I just don’t sleep as much as I should for various reasons (probably much the same as @Pilgrimsmaster, he seems to be up all hours)

Would there ever be a way to read a temp probe with HF?


I am more interested in the idea of them, over putting one in me.


I can’t be sure, but I believe it’s been considered. Can’t remember what @amal said if it really was discussed.

I can’t see any reason why not. The only reason there all LF, and specifically 134KHz not 125KHz is that it’s designed for FSX animal implants that have somewhat been standardized.

So you would likely need a custom chip for it, although the SIID stuff you linked earlier is HF and as I said, seems like there aiming to design implants for recording biometric data and temperature would be a good start for them I’d say.


@Backpackingvet Sounds like this will be if interest