Alternative RFID NFC gadgets/apps


So recently I have been looking for nifty ways to make sure I never forget my home and work key cards. What I did before stumbling upon your site was to melt my house keycard with acetone and super gluing what was left into the inside of my phone case. I have not studied the way RFID and NFC work well enough to consider an implant yet, though it does seem interesting.

My question for now is if there are any known vetted apps or gadgets one could use to experiment with RFID and NFC in an applied fashion convenient to a phone. Such as a device that fits into my phone’s headphone/USB port, an app that works with phones’ native features, or perhaps a phone case capable of interfacing with my phone and acting as a reader/writer to store multiple keys or whatever that can be transmitted by apps’ buttons, dedicated hardware or home-screen buttons.

*i don’t recommend anyone follow my example of the acetone keycard thing unless you have spares, because since then my friends have tried it with mixed results.

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Well, many Android phones already have NFC capability built in. When it comes to low frequency RFID tags in the 125khz - 134khz range, that would require an external device. I don’t have any specific examples to post but I remember seeing a plethora of options coming out of China… they connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

yes, I had an external device in mind and could easily enough judge for myself portability qualities.

I don’t suppose you would have an opinion on which particular product is best, do you?

Otherwise what features would you be looking for that would make something preferable or perhaps more universal? I am fluent in Mandarin and could spend the time to search and post my findings here for others to make use of.

Assuming you are going to use Android’s built in NFC capability, then you should find a phone model that uses an NXP reader chip, not a broadcom or other chip. The reason for this is that only phones that use an NXP reader chip are able to read other non-NFC tags that are still in the 13.56MHz range. Examples are ISO15693 chips and other non-NFC compliant ISO14443A chips, like Mifare “Classic” chips.

As for 125KHz readers with mobile interfaces, post some product links and I’ll be happy to give you my thoughts :slight_smile: