Amex card declined with sufficient funds

it just says this card was declined while trying to purchase NExT implant and numbing gel.

In this case you would probably be better hitting the orange “help” button on the product page.

@amal or @mdanger would be the people to help.

It could just be AmEx.


ill try again in a few hours

dont worry about this a friend let me use his card

So likely an Amex issue…
I’ll let Amal know

Awesome news for you.
NExT is a great choice.

Do you have install planned?
have you got a specific use for it?
do you have any questions on use /setup?


im going to take it down to a local piercer and let them do the install. I haven’t really thought about everything im going to do with it for now its probably going to be used to unlock doors along with my computer and for the nfc chip more than likely it will store my wifi password.


actually i do have a question where im installing it (position0 left hand) does does it matter that veins are there like there is a decent amount

The piercer will be the one to ask as they will see and feel what lies beneath.

Good tenting should avoid any veins in the area.

It should go something like this:-
Palpate the area
Pinch and roll tented skin (should feel if there any veins in tented skin)
Bevel down
Stabby Stab stab :syringe:


seems good ill see what they say

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Just had my NeXT installed position 0 right hand and my Spark 2 installed position 0 left hand. And I can tell you that some advil and pineapple juice and you won’t notice the pain unless you wack your hand against a light switch within the first 24 hours or so. My installer said that lidocaine wears off pretty quick when it comes to subdermal implants.

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i dont really know what to expect so far it is just a precaution

I believe that is the technical term.


it is used in medical textbooks lmao

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