Android 10 vs. Smart Pass Lock NFC

I’m thinking <bout buying a new phone. The new phones have already
“Android 10” installed.
At the moment I have Android 9 and the App “Smart Pass Lock NFC” running to unlock my phone.

Some people told me, that this app stopped working under Android 10. Yesterday one person tried it, and it worked.

Maybe some others from the community can try it. I don’T want to use fingerprint or face ID,… this is so stupid and lame. Its much cooler to unlock the phone with the implant.

Usiing this App: you must deactivate all other unlock programs. Please don’t restart your phone ( for security set a passwort in this app) It happens after restarting I can’t unlock the phone with the implant. I need to use the passwort. Lock it again and then it worked.
I know this app is a bit buggy and old - but I love it.

Greetings Sandra

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S10 5g works fine, wake screen swipe and scan

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So the app: Smart pass lock NFC works?

Yes in my test it did

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Smart Pass Lock NFC is a fake lock screen - just a home screen overlay. It’s easily bypassed, and it’ll run your battery down in less time than it takes to scream “Damn you Google! Why did you remove NFC unlocking?”


Ahh fair enough, i didn’t look at it at all just tested the basic functionality.

the real reason it was removed was to make way for google pay to operate with the phone locked. i don’t know why they couldn’t just have integrated it, but they probably looked at the recoding that would have to happen, the # of people using nfc unlock, and decided meh, fuck 'em… yank it out.


Never had problems with my battery.
Next week I will get a new phone :slight_smile:

I’d say the main thing is security. If you just want it to seem secure it’s fine. But yeah it’s not really locked, very easy to bypass.


Would be intresting

Pull the top menu when the phone is “locked”, System > Applications, kill the app: voila, no more fake lockscreen.

Also, my other beef with that app is that it registers itself as a home screen app. That means it doesn’t coexist very well with other home screen apps and messes them up massively more often than is acceptable. I use Lawnchair, and Smart Pass Lock NFC makes it lose its marbles each time it takes over the home screen.

I mean, good effort to bring back what Google stupidly amd unilaterally decided to take away. But at the end of the day, it’s a poorly-working hack - no fault of the author’s though…

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This, this shit is why I miss having ROOT.

Why THE FUCK! can someone kill connectivity from the lock screen?!! WHY?!!!

ahem. Sorry… :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Cuz it ain’t no screen locker, is why.

Because its not the lock screen, as @anon3825968 mentioned, its pretending to be a lock screen. Make no mistake, your phone is unlocked. The home button is disabled and they are ‘locking’ as much as they can, but its not fully locked.

I will try to record it, it diesn’t work.
When i hit settings, it changes very fast back to the lockscreen - i can’t hit applications.

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While I agree that the app is not secure in any way because you could still access files over USB and send commands over adb, Jenny is right. It’s not that easy to defeat SmartPass Lock NFC. The timeout when you hit the settings button before it throws up the lock screen again is about 500ms, not enough time to navigate a menu and disable the app. The timeout does come in handy in case my NFC is acting up. If I can’t get it to read my implants because something has frozen NFC, I have added a link to the NFC settings in my notifications bar and I can quickly navigate and toggle it off/on

It’s more than enough “security” for most people