Android background reading

Quick question, does stock android have a background reading function? Like when you scan over something does it have a popup saying nfc like a iphone does? Also, what format should i store contact info in to have compatibility for quick add to contacts on both android and apple? Looking to have name, phone number, link to discord profile (you can do this with dev mode), and maybe a link to my insta.

Thanks for any insight you have

Android continuously polls NFC transponders in the background and launches whatever application has registered an intent for a given type of transponder / content - or proposes a choice of applications if more than one can handle the tag and there’s no defined default.

Caveat: Android turns off NFC when the screen is locked.

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This can be bypassed by rooting phone

Not an option for most people: not only most phones aren’t rootable, but banking and wallet apps usually detect it (even with Magisk or Rootcloak). Also, the bit of Google code that used to do the NFC unlocking has long been removed.

Well yes. I root phones and bypass banking app checks. But anyways just pointed out that screen off NFC is not impossible but might be hard for some users

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Not talking about screen off NFC, just if background while unlocked was enabled by default. Turns out it is.

Hello, long time lurker here, thought I’d chip in to say I got LineageOS 18.1 running on my phone which does offer an option to allow/disallow scanning NFC while the screen is locked right out of the box without root. Still not stock Android, but definitely another option to keep in mind.


Thought I’d drop a reply as I can’t seem to edit my previous message:
After looking into the feature a tad bit more seems as though the locked screen NFC only works for things like payments or transit (in cases your phone is presented to a reader essentially) but not as a reader to scan a chip.

NFC payment without unlocking the screen? Now that’s sketchy…

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