Android phone does not like my apex flex

Hey Folks,
It’s been a while since my last activity here, but life for me is very dynamic.
Recently I switched phones. Upgraded from One plus 7 pro to a Samsung s24 ultra. Both phones use UAG cases.
Now here’s the issue I have. Samsung doesn’t want to couple with the apex. Old phone works just fine. What is strange is that the Samsung works with the NeXT and the xMagic which are way smaller. I know where the antenna of the Samsung is and I’ve rotated the phone 360 degrees around the implant location, but still nothing. Honestly I do not expect anyone to have a solution to this issue except @Hamspiced with his antenna amp, but in case you do have something on top of your mind please write below. Thanks!
For the record, I really like the s24, but I really dislike that I cannot use my apex!

what is the Android version and build?

Hey Amal, it’s Android 14, latest provided by Samsung. Old one plus is on Android 12

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Never mind, lack of sleep makes me dumb af.
I found a working coupling position, but it’s very strange. Anyways if it works, it works. Phone and my arm/implant should be parallel, not perpendicular as before…