Android UID writer for xM1 and flexM1 gen2

Hi there,

I did installation with new flexM1 gen2 and Apex last week, and I am very excite with implants in my hand.
So I develop an app that can manage UIDs and write UID to M1 gen2 with Android phone NFC.

Here is the source code and PRs are welcome.

Play Store link is still under reviewing, I will update it when review is done.



great stuff but this is already an app called mifare classic tool

yeah, I just want to simplify this.

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Question for you.

Going off your title, Are you saying that your app can write to a gen2 AND ALSO and gen1a like the chip that is in an xM1?

limited run of the xm1 gen2 but yeah should probably be distinct

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Well the github repo does specify it’s for gen 2 only.

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Ah yes, right you are. I remember- now that you reminded me.
For some reason I was thinking the limited run gen2 was xMagic…probably just wishful thinking. I shoukd have known, because if it was an xMagic with gen2 I would have grabbed one.

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