Animal identification rfid

Hi ther !
At my home I’ve an rfid for animal in 135khz but I don’t know if I can implant to me and if I can use it for unlock à dor for exemple. Can you help me ?

Ill be the fist to say, DO NOT DO IT!
God i know how enticing it is, as it’s cheap and small. But get yourself one for humans. then you know 100% what chip type it is, know it is alot stronger than an animal one, and have life time warranty for failure with DT.

Many a person will be able to show you how untrustworthy a pet microchip is, they shatter like crazy. and unless you are really well versed on this kind of implant, you have no real way of testing its safety.

I think @Backpackingvet plans on getting his pets old chip (?) but that has been after some real thinking and testing. Not for the newly cybortronic.


Short answer, don’t implant an animal chip in yourself

It’s not even remotely as safe,

Chips aren’t reinforced, glass is of questionable quality and it has coatings on it which will make removal a pain and is chemically questionable in a human body

The chips also won’t work for what you want most likely if they are 135

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Asfor door locks with a Human rfid implant, you may have to do a little bit of hacking,

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Wait, what? Why?

RFID implants for animals are designed to take abuse. Cats and dogs aren’t known to be gentle with their tags. They should be safe for human use. Besides, what do you think you put in your body when you implant a xBT?

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It is still in the solution. I plan to install it within the week, along with 2 others. I got my needle lube today.

I know it isn’t the best idea, but I am putting it in a place where I won’t need to scan it. It is purely just to always carry her with me.

I fully understand it isn’t the BEST idea, and it would by no means be my first implant. I can’t even scan it with my phone, wrong frequency.

I would say that @bini needs to do some real research. What are your use for the implants?


Hmm yeah okay. My understanding was that the only caveat was to avoid implanting cheap Chinese crap of unknown origin bought on Aliexpress. I’m presuming reputable vets don’t source their animals tags there, but perhaps I’m presuming too much.

Unless otherwise stated I’m assuming this

Even if not ali express, it’s still got a lot of unknowns that is highly doubtful the manufacturer states

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He has awoken and he’s coming hide

this is, for the most part, the case… a $20 destron chip or pet chip you might get from your vet is very likely going to be FDA approved for animal use and will be ok… but one sourced on aliexpress or ebay or whatever… that’s where you run into trouble… even if they swear it’s sold for pet ID… it’s all suspect.

the issue I see with the OP’s animal chip approach is that nothing but an FDX animal reader is going to read it… so your off the shelf access controllers and cheap 125khz EM reader boards are just not going to respond… that’s actually one of the reasons I didn’t just go with an animal chip in the first place… the other reason was the biobond coating pet chips have… i wanted to be able to remove and replace it easily, which is quite difficult to do once a pet chip has settled in.


Thanks for you’re response ! Now I understand why it’s better to avoid. And yes … she’s from AliExpress ! :joy: but I go to buy on dt. It’s more expensive but more sure;)

Just use it as a show and tell version to show people what the chips look like

Might not look nearly as nice, but they won’t know any better

Yes I will use it to show people because there are plenty of them who ask for it

Look at either the cyborg bundle or the NEXT by I self

One is 2 chips for 50$

The other is a single chip that does the same job of both for 80

I go to take the next I think is good

Yeah, there’s that too. I was just reacting to the “animal tags are unsafe” bit.

Yes i understand it’s not “sure” for human

Un implant FDX-B ne va pas te servir à grand chose. Si tu veux ouvrir des portes ou t’identifier au travail, un implant basse fréquence 125 kHz ou haute fréquence 13.56 MHz (NFC) sera bien plus utile. Mais bien sûr il te faut déterminer exactement quelle puce conviendra à ton application. Une fois que tu le sais, tu peux commander l’implant DT qui va bien.

La valeur ajoutée de DT, ce sont les tests qui permettent d’avoir une bonne certitude que l’implant est de bonne qualité, et pas de la merdouille chinoise.

A little bit of a derail but I tend to just scan it as a demonstration and since it still links to the store page because I never changed it, it pops up with a picture right away. Also the next (and probably others) come with the field detectors which can also be exple chips

Yea but there’s something different about being able to hold something