Annual Cyborg Meet-up 🤖

^ me :laughing:


lol, exaggerating for effect :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually enjoy being single ATM, I moved to the other side of the world last year. Was here within 6 weeks of the offer and spent about an hour thinking about it :sweat_smile: not too many people are privileged enough that they can go on an adventure at the drop of a hat. I might settle down one day, who knows! Thinking back to me as a child, I do not know if the little remaining sanity I have could survive the ordeal of raising my offspring :stuck_out_tongue:

Missing option:

O I wish I could

It might be interesting to know that, for instance, N people are willing to fly to Seattle, but N x 10 would like to but are not able for one reason or other - and for what reasons.

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Yeah, I regret how quickly I posted it, I should have taken a min to think about it, but you can’t change it after it has been up for 5 min apparently :frowning:

Ok, @leumas95 I will leave you to your marathon WriteUp; I will sort this out.

Even though you did ask what Amal was asking I will add the suggestions.

Hell yes!
Yes if possible
Unfortunately not
If only it was in my country/region

any other requests?
I’ll give it 30 mins before creating!

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I just thought about it, you could have just deleted the poll within the post and done a new one… people could have just re-voted.
That would have been cleaner. damn it :frowning_face: Sorry

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tenor (4)

I closed the other poll and linked to here :smiley:

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As above, sorry we closed the poll, and started a new one at the top.
Here’s the link
so Please vote again.
Sorry for the hassle


So I voted yes, but I have some questions and concerns. First off Seattle is expensive, why not somewhere cheaper like Vegas or the Midwest? I suppose if there is enough value then I don’t mind the expense of Seattle, but do you have enough content to make it worth it? Speaking of content what makes this worth going to over something like Biohack The Planet?

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Amal lives in Seattle.
Bring the mountain to Mohammad…


Think of it less as a convention, and more as a dude invited you over to his place for free beer.

Free beer, right @amal ?


I’ll bring snacks and goodies


The only reason is, I have certain… issue… with specific people involved in BHTP… not Josiah or anything… but it’s just a good idea for me to avoid that.

My thought was that if enough people wanted to show up we could do something like a Toorcamp but for cyborgs, and indoors… so maybe get a big space for the weekend and have people bring sleeping bags, that kind of thing… I want to try to avoid people having to pay for accommodation but at the same time avoid having to charge entry fee… that kind of thing…


Okay I’m sold, that sounds like an awesome community thing.

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Sounds awesome, but it’s a bit too far for me to justify a flight from Australia in the near future

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As long as I can plan work around it I’m down!

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Work permitting I’d drive down

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Can I become a cyborg at said meetup? Haha


I’m sure someone would penetrate you there


If it’s a cyborg meetup, shouldn’t you provide charging booths for attendees to sleep in?