Another xEM recovery

First let me send a thank you out to everyone, ive learned alot from this forum of late.
Second, i apologize for the (what has to be by now) re-post.
I searched for a few days trying different things so i wanted to post my command log to make sure i have the correct software setup.

Im trying to fix my xEM from what i believe was a tear during write from the blue cloner.
For reference, its a DT blue cloner (3 beeps), and im using the pm3 easy w/ iceman i got from DT and am solely working with HID Indala 26-bit cards

in the command log, i was trying to clone card number 48021 to my xEM which shows CN 39104.

I am admittedly a noob w/ the pm3 so any help will be much appreciated.

So far ive tried writing to b0, doing a hid clone w/ raw data,H10301 FC CN, lf t5 wipe,…nothing works
I cant recall if i tried to write to b0 in test mode but i did try it with a diff t5577 card so i know test mode works w/ my iceman fork.

I am aware of the poor coupling issue but i can consistently get reads (lf search, lf hid commands, even lf t5 trace).
I do believe this is why i sometimes get a config/info showing the password is enable and other times, disabled, however.
I do know the blue cloner is sending the pwd 51243648 as i confirmed it on a t5577 card
For some reason, its mostly showing my xEM doesnt have the pwd bit enabled, whether from the config report or block 0 data. Assuming ive read it correctly.

Also, lf t5 det doesnt work with the implant regardless of entering the pwd.
Im aware that sending a pwd on a chip without one enabled can damage the chip but admittedly i have tried sending it twice to no effect.

My plan was to focus on trying again with test mode but i dont know exactly what i should attempt to write to b0 or the t5 config…
Thanks again!
PS sorry for the sloppy command log

post2.txt (19.4 KB)

What i have used in the past is lf t55xx write -b 0 -d 000880E8 -p 00000000 or try the know password, after that you can try a wipe and a em clone

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Thanks I’ll try that tonight

I am pleased to report that worked!! Thanks! Cant wait to answer all the questions about how in the heck i just clocked in with my bare hand, again!