Anti-Collision in 213/15/16 tags

So I’ve been reading through the manual for the 213/15/16 tag series and have come across anti-collision about 19 times now :slight_smile:.

An intelligent anti-collision function allows to operate more than one tag in the field Simultaneously. The anti-collision algorithm selects each tag individually and ensures that the execution of a transaction with a selected tag is performed correctly without interference from another tag in the field.

How can I harness this as far as having a NeXT next to a xNT? Are there ways to set priority through this anti-collision?

What leverage can I accomplish with this feature. I finding it very interesting :wink:

Sorry for this being so broad but I’m not super familiar until now with this feature.

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Decent quick explanation of anti-collision

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Not exactly. Selection is not part of the anti-collision algo… the ac algo only ensures each tag can time it’s communications with the reader such that they avoid collision… but only one tag can be selected at one time and that is typically a function of the software controlling the reader… unfortunately nobody uses it properly and just end up selecting the first tag, looking for the data intended, and erroring if it’s not the right tag. I hate this… but it’s the reason by transit card readers and hotel elevators fail when you tap your wallet full of cards to the reader… it totally breaks the whole point of these cards and anti-collision… infuriating.