Any Aftercare Suggestions?

Hey! I’m excited too announce that I just got my first implant. Despite recommendations, it was a self implant though. After doing some reading, everything looks safe and fine. But I was wondering if anyone had some of heir own aftercare suggestions so everything heals up nice and fine! I’ve read through the FAQ and such already, so feel free to toss my way any information you have came up with through your own experimentation.

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Don’t know how useful this’ll be, but mostly just leave it alone and let it heal. That simple really.

What’d you get? and… Do you have a specific planned use for it?

Oh, and welcome to cyborg side of life!

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My piercer mentioned two things I hadn’t seen mentioned elsewhere:

First, don’t put your hands in unclean bodies of water - pretty obvious for infection risk

Second, holding cold, large diameter cylindrical objects can help to dull any throbbing pains.

So, for the first few days, don’t wash the dishes and instead sit on the couch and have a beer!


Let it heal for a month and keep it sterile, Just like an ear piercing.