Any Elite Dangerous players here?

A few of us on the DT Discord have played together recently, and I put together a very casual Squadron. Wondering if anyone else here plays at all?


Me i play, im a noob but I play.

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Tengo ps4 vr, jugais ps4 o pc?

It’s a game I played ages ago but would get back into it for sure!

yup. not often but when i do i go full in with a hotas and vr set. (we are talkin pc right?)

We’re all on PC :slightly_frowning_face:

likewise! just awaiting an x56 to arrive in the mail hopefully this week. Currently have the ol’ Saitek x52.

Feel free to hit me up in-game, I’m also ITHRITIN there. The squadron isn’t really as useful as I thought, but it’s open should you wanna join, just search TYHJ and it’ll show up.

Screenshot_2020-10-15 CMDR Ithritin INARA(1)

I usually do core mining but it has been busted for a while, so getting used to combat, doing a bit of exploration and passenger missions for fun. Finally began grinding engineers and some Guardian tech, but only one so far.

Got a cute lil’ fleet happening too!

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I play. I’m not a noob, but I’m by no means skilled :sweat_smile:

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I just recently started playing! I use a HOTAS and Vive and ive been loving the game so far

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I just switched from an x52 to the x56, it’s great! Elite was the game that sold me on VR. Going from pancake mode cockpit to VR~ it’s so hard to go back!