Any FlexNT users/reviews out there?

Always wanted to get into biohacking, and now I’d like to make the jump!

I’m interested in the FlexNT, but wanted to see if anyone on here (or elsewhere) has gotten one and would be able to share their thoughts? I prefer the flexible chip, as opposed to the glass vial, and wanted to get something that would have good “overall” use for RFID. Is the storage on this unit 1K? (similar to the xNT?). Aside from read distance, is there any other benefit to having a flex unit over a vial?

I apologize if some of this has been covered before!


Hi Veldrin,

There are many reviews from beta users in our Facebook Beta group. I will ask people to post their experiences here on the forum.

The flexNT uses the same chip as the xNT - the NTAG216 from NXP. The primary benefit is range/performance, which is excellent. Other than that, other secondary benefits include more options when choosing an installation location and less worry about breaking or migration.

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Hello Veldrin,

I use the flexNT every day since August 3rd, 2016. The read range and performance is really great, because the flexNT’ coil and most readers coil have the same shape, flat and rectangular. There’s better magnetic coupling between devices that have the same antenna shape. Now I no longer have to find the sweetspot when opening doors at home or sharing data such as contact details on mobile phones.


I’ve got a FlexDF, and I already love the design over the xNT. It’s SO much easier to get a read off of it from my phone. I haven’t been able to sit down and tap into the shenanigans it’s capable of since I’ve been on the road all summer, but if given the choice of another xNT or a flex I’d spring for the flex.

HOWEVER the installation process was much more difficult! With the xNT it was just a quick poke and I’m done. The flex install isn’t quite as simple; watching the video of my own install makes me queasy! You better make sure you either know what you’re doing or have a legit person taking care of you, because as far as I know there’s no easy way to inject the flex chips quite yet.

Good luck no matter what you choose. (Who says you even have to? Get both.)
Either way, welcome to the club! :robot:


Thank you for all the replies, very helpful!

I’m pretty new to NFC and RFID as it applies here, but I’ve got experience in electronics and basic coding. What level of experience is recommended/necessary to get the full benefits of the FlexNT? I’m mainly looking to use it for doorlocks, phone/pc unlocking, perhaps even Smartthings integration with a compatible reader (if possible). Are these realistic expectations? What other/similar things is it capable of?

Again, sorry if I ask repetitive questions, I’m just trying to get a full understanding.


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The phone/PC unlocking as well as the door lock can probably be done without writing a single line of code. (I haven’t had to write anything for that purpose yet.)

However, I think depending on what you want to do with IoT stuff you might have to get your hands dirty a little bit. I’m sure with today’s smart-everything you can hack something together just with some python and config files. :wink:

As for what else it can do, stay tuned! You’re getting in at the ground-foor. We’ve got amazing people doing DIY projects all the time (myself included, but I’m not one of the amazing ones). While I already find the chips incredibly useful for access and maintaining privacy, I feel as though the next killer-app is yet to be discovered. Or maybe… currently in beta? :smirk:
Time will tell.

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So I had the first public FlexNT and I still love it 14 months later. I gat about 1.5 inches range on some phones and readers.

Mine has also survived a punch on the floor that broke my knuckle when I low sided on a motorbike.

A point I would make and I feel it will increese range is have the piercer use a blunt tool to make a pocket so there is minimal scar tissue where possible.

I am happy to answer any questions much like everyone on here.


Thanks to everyone for sharing, their experience, I appreciate it!

I live in southern CA (Los Angeles), does anyone have a good place to recommend that can install the FlexNT?

Come to Vegas! Defcon is going to be happening and there’s gonna be TONS of people who’d be able to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which phones have you tried it with? This is my primary concern. Where do you have it installed?

My Android phone is a Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016), I mostly use this one to read and write data on my NFC tag implants.
My Apple iPhone 7 Plus reads the flexNT really well too. I don’t have to take my iPhone out of the back cover to read the flexNT tag.
The flexNT implant is in my right hand, in the tissue below the small finger, “knife edge” of the hand.


Your xrays are my goals… Getting another magnet, in my index finger this time, on Friday.

Thanks for the replay, that answers my question.


Ditto on those statements I want to be able to light up an xray like a xmass tree


What do you do with the magnets? Interesting concept, but I could never figure out a practical application. #stillwaitingforvivokey


Hey, Sorry to jump on this thread but I was looking to get an xNT implant. I’m based in Los Angeles. Are there any places anyone would recommend going to have this done. I don’t really want a DIY job would rather have someone with experience do the work. Thanks

We have a partner in the area… check the map

(fyi I just checked it myself and realize there is a loading error, but the partners should still be visible).

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Thanks for your quick response! I’ve emailed them. Hopefully they get back to me soon :slight_smile:

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