Any installers for Apex in Athens Greece?

I am going to visit there in May

I grew up there and I can tell you people there are much less strict about the rules than other European countries. I haven’t tried but I bet you can find many willing bodymods. It’s a big city.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:


I just checked 4 Impant providers install partner lists.

Nothing in Greece, but hopfully you can find somebody, if so please feel free update this thread, to “help out the next guy” and we maybe able to vet those map owners to update their lists

Speaking of which
these may be of use for you

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

Do you speak Greek also?

Yup, although it’s been close to 10 years so I would need some awkward conversations to get back on track

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You are a clever little mutha fucker.


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I was in the right places at the right place at the right times, there’s no merit in that :sweat_smile: opportunistic learner maybe

Γεια σου, τι κάνεις

This is really all I know how to type lol. I know very little Greek. Wish I can learn more.

It’s impressive that you know how to type it in an entirely different alphabet :saluting_face: Fun fact the question mark is a “;” so when greeks code they sound very insecure :grin:

Lol. Had to select the Greek keyboard on my phone lol.

My grandfather is 100% Greek. I have family from Naoussa (Northern Greece). Home of the delicious wine :slightly_smiling_face:. One of my family members run a big peach farm.

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