Any installers in Louisiana?

Interested in a couple implants. One of them definitely needs to be professionally installed. I am wondering if anyone knows of any folks in Louisiana?

Thank you

Seems like there’s one near Houston… I guess it’s a bit far, but it’s a real DT partner.
It’s a blue dot, so no flex work I guess… wanna go to Texas?

What work are you needing done? I’m assuming if one of them necessarily has to be professional, you’re probably looking at some scalpel/flex work done.

If that’s the case, I can recommend a Texas installer who did my flexNExT. It’s probably a bit of a drive, but I can say that his work was phenomenal.

FlexNExT is what I was referring to. Who did yours?

Pineapple Tangaroa at Shaman Body Mods. He’s out in Austin, Texas. Can’t recommend him enough.