Any luck with getting a doctor/body piercing professional to do implants?


I’m just curious about your experience with getting or trying to get a doctor or body piercing professional to do the implants for you? Mainly focused of experience within Adelaide, Australia (very specific I know) but any feedback is appreciated! I don’t really feel comfortable doing it on myself :confused:


Ah the aussie issue with getting body mods, Are you looking at getting a chip (like the capsule) or a flex where they have to make an incision. Ill be able to help once i know that.

-Melboune Biohacker here

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NExT capsule

Sorry I’m not an Aussie but I currently have had a nurse do all of my xSeries implants for me. I’d say try to find a friend of a friend who is a nurse or something and viola

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I have not had any luck getting a doctor or piercer to do mine but when my dad volunteered to do my NExT, he got his co-worker physician to at least supervise him doing it


That makes things a lot easier! Getting a flex is a hassle in Melbourne at least as only 2 artists will do it. But you have a lot more luck with capsules as they are practically piercings.

I can’t find specific body mod artists in Adelaide that mention it but my best suggestion is to ask non-Franchised piercing and body art shop. Thats how I found my favourite body mod artist actually.

Did some looking: {Says they don’t mind unusual piercings} {has a very big menu including dermal piercings so most likely wont be scared away by the NeXT}

Let me know if you need any more help



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In Brisbane, I also know the feeling of trying to find someone that could do it. Also planning to get the NExT but haven’t found anyone up here.

I did a look into the best way to self implant and eliminate the scare of that needle.
There’s an over the counter numbing cream called Emla cream. I can confirm that it does an amazing job at numbing.

I plan to use this method, and if all goes well I want to help encourage self implanting.

That is definitely not something Dangerous Things encourages or promotes.

The rest of us in the community would have mixed opinions on it.

There are plenty of examples of self install, assisted installs and Professionals on this forum if you want to research for some more information


Happy Stabber body piercing shop does DT installs constantly (had a chat and they have already done 7 this month)

Confirmed to do DT installs


Whoa, at least two of them are left… Don’t want to derail, but how are bodymod-things going on in Australia? I’m not up to date, I’m afraid - what happened to Howie, last thing I knew was that he was going to court I think…

I mean, Local Anaesthesia is still illegal in non-hospital settings and one Body mod artist said they where 1 of 2 artists left doing stuff like it in Australia (I call BS on ALL of Aus but I could be wrong) and she doesn’t even do them anymore.

I’m Not sure if piercing HQ is the only other place that does it, but my guy works there and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else anyway.

I know like one other shop that will do capsules but I don’t think they do incision based mods.

Yea I haven’t heard about Howie’s or Brendan’s court cases since like may.

Ah, just a shame what’s going on… in so many parts of the world. Makes me really sad.
I mean, if they do stuff that goes really bad (like Howie did, honestly), they should have to face the consequences, but as long as everything goes fine I just don’t get it. Yeah, laws and such…

Yea the two court cases ive seen against body mod artists in australia are both due to neglect, Brendan was Howie’s apprentice apparently, Brendan did a botched silicone implant, and when the girl came back and said she was in pain he told her not to go to the doctors (most likely due to fear he fucked up)

Really if they just put laws in place that allowed businesses to be trained and certified in slightly more “intensive” procedures, and held them to the same standard as medical facilities (They already do to be honest) then these things wouldn’t happen.

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Heard about this one - the girl died due to septic afterwards, right? Insane bad stuff…
My artist always says that you can see how good someone is at his reaction when something goes wrong. Things can, and most surely will, at some point go wrong when you do this kind of work - but if you react correctly, everything’s fine. An implant can get infected, maybe because of the artist doing something wrong, maybe because of bad aftercare. But for this girl, a simple thing like (maybe) removal and a visit at a doctor would have saved her life. But taking the implant out, putting it back in afterwards (at least that’s what I read about that case) and telling the girl not to go to the doctor or at least take a heap of antibiotics is so incredibly stupid. And it’s a giant disservice to bodymodders worldwide.


Just read up on this and… wow… I have no words… I’ll see if I can get my GP to do it or get someone to organise it for me, he’s known me my whole life so I think I have a decent chance with it. That whole story if making me re-think this whole venture.

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I don’t know if a GP would, just due to the fact I don’t know what they would charge and bulk billing probably wouldn’t be an option. My stance is still to go to a trusted piercer that has an actual shop and is not just a home studio.

I’ll still give my GP a try, like I said before, they’ve known me for my whole life and we consider him a family friend, either way, even if he doesn’t want to do it himself, I still want to let him know and get his advice on aftercare/what to do if it gets infected.

It’s still worth a shot aye? No harm in asking?

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Yea still worth a shot, but any piercer worth the buttons on their shirt should be able to give amazing aftercare advice, and even if they ended up telling you to exclusively come back to them and not the doctors if you have an issue, You know now that is a silly idea and to go to the doctors instead. The reason that woman died was she didn’t go to the doctor, went back to Branden and got a new one installed instead.

Common sense will beat a lot of the pit falls, but just know as the name implies, these are dangerous things, and their is never 100% guarantee things will work out, but thats like every other thing in the world.

I wish you luck and make sure you keep us updated

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Will do!