Any piano players have any difficulties

Hey guys,

I’ve come back around to the notion of getting an implant, but one lingering question is whether it will impact my piano playing. I am a performing musician and it’s how I make my money. I was wondering if there are any piano players in the community who could share some insight on how the implants may have effected their playing.

The implants would be located in the between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal.


Hi Pierce,

Welcome back to the forum! I dont know about piano I used to play the sax with out an issues. But I digress, the placements of implants in between the metacarples should not make any difference to anyone.

The chip once installed / in place is unobtrusive and in my experience does not hinder any activity.

My 2p for you.


I can’t really answer (being unchipped) but I believe that is position 0 which seems to be the recommended first spot. The only issues I could see would be potentially during healing, but even then I would be surprised.

I don’t know if you could simulate an extreme example by attaching a similarly sized rod to the outside of your skin. This would be more extreme than a real implant as your skin would actually be less able to move but you could see if there was any potential for impact.

I’ve never had an issue, I have 4 implants all in different locations. I’d probably advise against finger installs but otherwise you should be fine

I have them in position 0 on both hands and one between 3-4 metacarpal and one on top of the wrist. I am in no way a good piano player, but never noticed the implants at all.

I never notice mine (p0) either, but you will need a good couple of weeks for the soreness to completely fade after implanting. I’d suggest you do it just before you take some time off for holidays / vacation.

Where does a pro pianist work at?


Probably infront of the keys :sweat_smile:


Oh My GOD!!!


Many, many different places. Weddings, funerals, lessons, performances, rehearsals, college.

I have one in my right hand, P2.

It moves with my tendon, and if I drum my fingers wildly, it can get caught and pulled to p3. It is uncomfortable until I squish it back over.

Also hasn’t moved like that in a few weeks. Either I am lazy or it finally set. It still moves an inch when I open and shut my hand though.

Can I ask what the implants are?
Will they function for your use case there?
Have you considered any other locations?

I don’t think you will experience any issues with your suggested location, but this is just my guess.

I only ask in case collectively we may be able to suggest a better/more suitable location…

I am also using 4 implants. Well I don’t face any problem while playing but the best way to clear the problem is using synthesizers. this helps me a lot making good sound quality. I hope it will help you too.