Any suggestions or a little help as to what I'm doing wrong with OS X to Android translations

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Well it would seem I’ve successfuly managed to write and store cards to my xNT in OS X and can read and edit them in OS X but can’t even read them in Android…The ACR122 Identifies the cards in Android but the information seems to be encrypted what am I missing or am I being just plain stupid I’m missing something is it just the difference in file extension used by competing OS which I didn’t think would make a difference since I thought the app dictates the extension…Help I’m sinking here @ 2:24am :scream:
I’m done for the night maybe some one will telepathicly answer me in REM :crazy_face:

It’s possible you are writing raw binary data to the xNT via acr122u. For Android or any other NFC compliant device to be able to do anything with that data it needs to be formatted as an ndef record. Read up about the ndef specification.

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Yes I am oops :grimacing: thank you…but the cards look and read really good in OS X even the hyperlinks work

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Well this past weekend the developer removed the build for the app I was testing and now it seems I’m stuck with a xNT full of data for the time being with no way to manipulate it so for the time being I’m moving on to android but I have a android phone that has been reconfigured to developers mode and the nfc beam is off with no simple way to turn it on and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a economically priced android tablet that is nfc compatibil for me to purchase

Trying to find a NFC enabled android tablet in the states is proving to be more difficult than stuffing a turkey while wearing boxing gloves and I wonder if there are any FCC regs limiting a UK import… so much for an economical solution to my quandary and please excuse my eccentricity but now I’m going round the bend on a personal mission in an attempt to satisfy my imagineering interests sparked by this DT technology

I need to get clarification on this subject


Thank you very much