Any tools for saving encrypted text to implant?

Since I have a few Yubikeys I’ve been playing with the OpenKeyChain app. I noticed I can encrypt text with a password using GPG. I can then write the encrypted text to my implants. I have a next and xsiid, so I don’t have a lot of room for storage. But it works.

I can encrypt text using my gpg key on my yubikey, but the implants don’t have enough space to store that. I wish I could get the xDF2.

Are there any other good options that can be used in this app? Are there any other good apps for GPG, Yubikeys, and Implants?

I read about BioCom but it doesn’t seem to work. It errors out when trying to write to my implants. This happens on the 2 phones I tried.

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Sorry I can’t be much help. But I did use the tagwriter app to write an incase of emergency text on my implant in case anyone finds my body somewhere and the autopsy person knows to scan it.

I know hes busy on other stuff, but I’ll drop this here anyway

He may have time to look at it to at least give you an answer

NFC Tools Pro is great for everything about implants. Your problem here is more about the storage space of the implant, not the tool used to write to it.

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EXCEPT chip identification, ( I’ve foundTagInfo to be consistently more accurate) otherwise I agree, NFC TOOLS PRO a great app

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I do need to look at the Pro version. I was hoping for an NFC tool that works directly with Yubikeys or some type of encryption.

What prevents you from getting one ?

I’ve never seen them in stock. I’ve been watching since I joined this forum.

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KSEC in the UK has one in stock :

Dangerous Things FlexDF2 Implant [DESFire EV2 8kB]

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That’s the Flex. I’ve been thinking about getting a Flex. But it would probably be the flexClass for other reasons. I did just buy a DESFire EV2 8kB tag to play around with. I’ll test it out and see if it would suite my needs.

Why not get an VivoKey Apex Flex - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products and use the NDEF storage (up to 16KB) and SmartPGP applet so you can store and encrypt/decrypt using the same implant :slight_smile:


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I’ve thought about it. I’m more of a flexSecure person though. Is that the same thing as this? SMARTMX3 P71D321 | Secure and Flexible Microcontroller | NXP Semiconductors

Yes. Both the apex and flexsecure are P71 chips.

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Cool, I’m going to buy a JavaCard and see if I can figure it out.

Report back if you find some lol. Both sources I know of are out of stock.

You should be able to fit up to 7104 bits of data on an xNT side which should be more than enough for a gpg key. And the key could be split across the two sectors.

How many bits is your encryption key?

He wants to store the encrypted data on the implant, not the key. OP mentioned the key is currently in a yubikey

I see now. I completely misunderstood.

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no worries… glad you chimed in anyway :slight_smile: