Any way to boost the access controllers read range just a tiny bit?

Alright I have the access controller wired into my car and the antenna is hidden in some trim and you can’t tell it’s there. It is so close to being able to read my implant. If I squeeze my hand up against the glass it’ll read but it can’t quite get it if I don’t. Any way I could boost it just a tiny bit?

You can use your field detector keychain to help determine the best positioning for your x-series devices, but as far I know theres not a lot you can do besides lowering that distance between the chip and the antenna. Can you recess the antenna into the trim with a Dremel to get it closer?

Not really. I’ll see what I can do about moving the antenna :confused:

Before you get too far, there was a project to make a resonant repeater. Basically a sticker to give just a tiny range boost. Not sure how far that got, but it might be an idea you could adapt. @satur9 is your man on this.

A picture of the antenna area might help too.

You could do that, but you’ll need to put the repeater on the outside of the car and ruggedize it. Flex can couple with a flat repeater, but x-series will require a cylindrical antenna, probably with a ferrite. It would honestly be easier just to move the antenna.

Is there any metal within a few cm of the coil? Because that will seriously impact the performance

There’s no where in that door where there won’t be metal close to the coil. Everything is so compact inside it

I personally put the antenna in my mirror, almost zero metal inside mine, I extended the 2 wires for the coil about 3 feet and have no issues with readability with a NExT


Ok I fixed it and I’m so hype on how well it turned out. It’s invisible and works like a charm(sorta it times out the unlock buttons). I’m gonna have it close a button on another fob instead of it being wired into the unlock button but it feels like I have a superpower now