Anybody else have initial read issues that resolved over time?

Just implanted my NExT chip and while I have gotten it to read both NFC and RFID, it’s pretty spotty.

I had read that sometimes it reads better in a couple days, I guess I’m just looking for reassurance from people that have had it happen that way.


Two weeks. It’s standard for fluid to build up around the implant after installation. Take some prenatals and ibuprofen to help with healing. Report back in a couple weeks and I bet your read problems will be resolved


My NExT read great for the first hour or 2, then nothing for a week …
At the 1 week mark I could read the ntag216
At the 2 week mark I was finally able to read the T5577

I wouldn’t think anything of it until at least 2 weeks :+1:
We all heal differently


How much reassurance do you need?

Here’s more if you want it
What you are experiencing and what was mentioned above is a very typical experience.


More reassurance?
Definitely normal to have inconsistent reads or even no reads at all after install. Usually two weeks is when your install site has healed enough to get consistent read/writes.