Anybody else here too clumsy for their own good?

Been like 3 weeks :sweat_smile: still no idea what couldve hit my pocket that hard. Where do yall keep em without losing them :joy:

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@Az_F wanna post the STL?

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PicoTip2.stl (162.4 KB)
PicoCap2.stl (80.3 KB)
PicoBody2.stl (243.6 KB)

Also now found here



Way ahead of ya, though my “close enough to make a bracket” method becomes quite apparent at this scale :sweat_smile:


Oh wow! Have you been into martial arts lately?
I might have some empty shells left (random colors). Lmk and I will check :wink:

Nevermind !

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Nah im just incredibly clumsy. Dont even know what i hit, my entire leg is bruised and my phone is broken :confused: thanks for the offer though, you mind if i ask a few kinda dumb questions? I saw pla mentioned, is that what it was? I printed a high infill abs, the vibrations definitely are not as strong as they once were, is there a specific density i should be aiming for?

Nope the translucent ones were printed out of resin, which is supposedly stronger but not at this scale I think.
You can tell resin from PLA because it doesn’t have layer lines and is much smoother.

No, infill can be at any level since there is no empty space to fill in the print. It’s pretty much just walls, no infill. I set mine to 100% jic.
Abs is fine. The only way it could impact the strength is if you’re using a filament that contains metal in some way (some do, for a metal finish i think). Otherwise it should be exactly the same.

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You know thats a good point. I wonder if my weird shiny plastic is entirely plastic? Honestly i should know more about 3d printing than i do, i feel like a poser for owning one😂

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I know they make some with wood/metal/ceramic and other stuff in them to het various properties. I’m not sure it would actually make a difference but who knows.

Same here. I feel like for most people 3D printing is a hobby on its own. For me it’s a tool for other hobbies. I know the necessary basics and that’s it :sweat_smile:

Other stuff, like chocolate !!! :chocolate_bar:


Ohhhh those are sick :joy:

For real. Test cubes and bed leveling and all this stuff that would require hours to figure out, but i just need some stupid part a conpany wants 2000 dollars for :joy:mines been leveled once, and thats because it suddenly quit printing right. Pulled up too high and extruded a tumble weed, now it kinda sorta prints but is still very clearly not right :joy: