Anybody use CoilCWS?

I found them while on a search for coil windings. Website is very 1998. Still, it looks like they do custom work for engineers, and possibly low volume stuff. I don’t know how low volume.

Could be useful?

I’m thinking of things like the Power Bracelet, and perhaps custom coils for the xAC V2.

Anybody know more?

I’ll ping them… usually the issue is cost… particularly what US companies want for NRE and setup is insane, not to mention small batch unit pricing.

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I get the impression that their market is for people that just need a solution quick. That’s usually pricy. But low volume is always gonna be, and if they do one-offs, then sometimes the cost is painful, but acceptable.

Still, I just thought it was cool, and was hoping that we’ve got enough people in the electrical engineering crowd that somebody might know of 'em.

I submitted drawings for a specific coil we need for a thing… we’ll see what they come back with.

However it goes, lemme know what you think of 'em.


well… not great so far… I emailed them on the 3rd, heard nothing… followed up on the 6th with an email… heard nothing… finally I had to call them today and they said “oh yes we’re having an engineer look at this right now”… and this was the last line of my original email to them;

I’ve attached a drawing for reference and a photo of some products with this antenna from a different vendor we want to move away from due to lack of communication.

Pfff… ugh. We’ll see what they come back with.

Damn, that sucks.

Hopefully they’re just temporarily overwhelmed. Maybe they just don’t like money though.

possible… but to be fair the volumes a biohacking company requires of any given material or part is exceedingly low compared to their normal production volumes.

Yeah, but they also kinda billed themselves as low volume. At least the USA part of their operation.

That could also be sales speak. Promise everything. Whether or not you can do it.

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