Anyone ever had an xNT/xSIID form factor chip reject?

I had my xSIID implant done 9 days ago on the top of my hand between metacarpals 2 and 3 (fore and middle finger); things went very smoothly. However, it’s much closer to the surface of the skin than either of my xNT and xEM implants I’ve got in the sweet spots of either hand. I’m getting a little paranoid at slight paleness of the skin over the implant, and obviously am aware no one can diagnose me over the internet nor am I asking for it. I’m mainly curious if anyone’s had a bioglass form-factor implant reject or exposed due to shallowness – do you happen to have progress pics? Just curious what I should be watching for.

Pardon the linty tegaderm; it’s due for a change (also, fear not re: placement – it may look like it’s bumping my middle finger tendons but it’s smack in the perfect spot in terms of vasculature + anatomy). You can see the obvious capillary blanching when I make a fist, but I’m concerned that it’s also slightly visible towards the proximal end when my hand is relaxed. Again, not looking for diagnosis from the pics, but just curious what I should be watching for/if anyone’s had this happen to them.

Thanks for any thoughts/concerns/reassurance!

My over the web “not a doctor” diagnosis is:

It looks perfectly fine.

I personally prefer my implants to be placed shallow (including what we normally refer to as xSeries or glassies)

You showed me yours, so I’ll show you mine :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t have any progress photos for you, but you can see a couple of scars around it, thats from a few intentional removal/replacements.

There have been a couple of cases of implants being “rejected” but they have been from poor installation.

Yours is still relatively fresh, keep an eye on it during the healing.
Side note: it looks like you have done your research, but just reminding you that you likely wont have full expected implant performance until after approximately 2 weeks post install.

Update us with progress photos, and we’ll all help you keep an eye on it.
Likewise if there are any changes in feeling (numbness, pain etc.) let us know, or go and see a real doctor.

In my opinion, yours looks pretty stock standard and nothing to worry about.

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I have no experience with rejection, but your implant looks fine in photo.

If you search around here, you’ll find photos of flex implants rejecting. That might give you some insight. But yours honestly looks fine right now.

Look for the sharp stinging pain that you get from an infection (similar to a pimple). That’s usually the red flag.

But yours looks perfectly fine. It’s good for an xSIID to be shallow, you get more blink! :wink:

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Yeah photo looks fine. People are all different and many people have very thin fat layers in their hands and coupled with placing it where you did, having it visible like that is normal.

Well, these responses made me feel a whole lot better. Thanks for your reassurance!

After I made this post, I thought back to how my very retro 2014 Mr. Magnetman parylene implant had a sharp edge to work with and still didn’t manage to break through on my finger pad, so I’ve gained new hope on the non-pointy end to not break through in this case.

Will definitely keep an eye out for those angry inflamed feelings though!

Always appreciate the thoughts and wisdom of this crew and Amal. Thank you!

Also, NB: the reception and luminance is better than I could dream; this is the first chip including my XNT that I can read with my phone case still on, and the brightness of the XSIID is absolutely gorgeous even in daylight. I’m just floored by the quality and brightness. Fantastic job all.