Anyone ever had any experience with

I was searching Google for some fun ideas on what would be a fun link to add to the HF portion of my NExT implant and came across I haven’t really seen any companies other than dangerous things that sells human implants. Has anyone ever had any experience working with this company, or any other similar companies for that matter?

My opinion from the information I’ve had from others Is personally i would only buy DT stuff but there still in business so can’t be all bad.

Heard several stories about iamrobot implants breaking take from that what you will.

Yep. It’s IAR. I have two of their implants inside of me.

Well, that’s pushing it a bit. Avoid them, yes. But I don’t think they’re the threat you’re making them out to be.

I fixed my post :wink:

Minor plague… Fair enough :slight_smile:

Also worth noting I got my wires crossed I was thinking of bioteq

They have problems with their payment chips.
I read in the german group von DT that there are 5 broken payment implants
In the board here is a thread about this payment implants.

I gave the X2 from them, was my first implant.

You know what? I have a feeling this is going to turn into a very long rehash of all the stuff that’s already been said about IAR, and I’ve already had my say extensively about them. So I think I’ll just go sit quietly on the back bench to watch…


I’m so close to buying their X3.1 (think xM1+xEM dual like NExT) but idk, it’s not a t5577 but a TK4102 for the LF side and no epoxy in the glass tube. Also 4mm is big.

But then, flexM1gen2 is so much cooler, I’ll probably go with that and an xEM.
Oh and yeah, IAR is sketchy, DT feels safer.

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Haha, yes, ironically, I do feel safer with the company named Dangerous Things over the one I was looking at :laughing:

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I only have to say this is a poor way to look at quality of stuff. Just because they are still open and selling, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be mass made stuff without regulation anyplace. Just cheapest bid potentially.

I agree with @anon3825968, there is a big thread someplace talking about them. I just wanted to point that out.

I could care less what you put in your own body to be honest. At the end of the day, we all need to make informed decisions of what to do.


The BIGGEST issue there is the lack of epoxy, That would be an immediate write of in my mind.

Great combination, what configuration are you considering for this placement and where?

As you are in Germany, I would recommend
KSEC for “Local” purchases

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Hm, the xEM will probably end up on the back of my hand (P3?) or knife edge and I’ll clone my work badge to it so I have it on both sides and the M1 will probably go on my wrist. The M1 will only be used for cloning cards (e.g. I know a gym here with mifare cards) but I won’t rush that, I just want a M1 before I got to a hotel next time.

ANd yeah I really hope I get to use the cyborg builder from KSEC soon :slight_smile:


One thing Amal has mentioned about sales of implants, and IAR in particular, is most sources (apart from DT and their distis like KSEC etc) are supplying pet chips. There’s issues with these, and one of them is if it’s sterile inside. Most aren’t - I have 10 knockoff xM1’s in a jar here, but I won’t ever use them because of what I know now. I’ll probably send one to Amal one day to see what we can determine about their manufacturing.

Also, I know Amal mentioned borosilicate causing no reaction from the body - this is bad - and is what practically all pet chips are made of. Soda-lime glass, while more expensive, elicits just enough reaction to form the collagen shell that holds glass tags in place.


AFAIK IAR also uses the vivotag glass from schott.
Dunno about sterile inside tho’.

It would depend on their source of implants.

They specifically say that. So I just believe it.
Or do you mean sterile inside?
Yeah if they don’t brag with it it’s probably not haha!

Hmm. Fair.

I know Amal’s tested it.

If it is autoclaved with heat they should be sterile inside. Not if they use gas.